Viñetas de Carlota: un ángel caído: Images of Carlota: A fallen angel

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Cross-reading of two comics about Empress Charlotte of Belgium to highlight the traditionalist and Manichaean ideology that obeys the nationalist and moral discourse of the time. Special emphasis placed on the audiovisual industry (cinema and television) resources that are adapted [and adopted] in both comic strips, giving them greater sensationalism and impact.
Originele taal-2Spanish
TitelMultimodalidad e intermedialidad.
Subtitel Mestizajes en la narración gráfica contemporánea ibérica y latinoamericana
RedacteurenJorge Catalá-Carrasco, Benoît Mitaine, Lisa Maya Quaianni Manuzzato, José Manuel Trabado
Plaats van productieSpain
UitgeverijUniversidad de León
ISBN van geprinte versie978-84-18490-37-8
StatusPublished - 2022

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UitgeverijUniversidad de León

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