Virtual reality: a new rehabilitative approach in neurological disorders

L Di Biagio, Matteo Ferretti, Daniele Cingolani , Luca Buzzatti, Marianna Capecci, Maria Gabriella Ceravolo

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Rehabilitation after brain damage is aimed to achieve functional recovery, through experience-based neuroplasticity. Virtual reality is an innovative rehabilitation approach that exploits the principles of modern “motor learning” theory. We assessed the effectiveness of rehabilitation approaches, integrating the use of an easily disposable device for virtual reality (Nintendo®�x00AE; Wii), in either upper limb recovery or balance recovery, in chronically disabled brain injured subjects. In hemiplegic stroke patients, a continuous training consisting of ten Nintendo Wii game sessions, 1 h a day, was useful to promote upper limb dexterity recovery; greater benefits were appreciated in subjects with mild cognitive impairment, with respect to those without cognitive troubles. In the second study, 20 sessions of Nintendo Wii Balance training, lasting 50 min each, 5 days in a week, were found effective at improving the balance and gait performance in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Both findings lead to believe that a continuous visual feedback, as provided by the Nintendo Wii game, may represent a facilitating stimulus, that helps brain injured patients to maintain a focused attention during task execution. Rehabilitation training through Nintendo Wii is a safe, easy and effective approach to be used by chronically disabled people, suffering from neurological disorders. It would represent a useful tool for continuous self-administered home training that stimulates motivation and enhances formal rehabilitation effects.
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TitelVirtual reality: a new rehabilitative approach in neurological disorders
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StatusPublished - 29 mei 2014
EvenementAmbient Assisted Living (Italian Forum 2013) - Ancona, Italy
Duur: 23 okt 201325 okt 2013


ConferenceAmbient Assisted Living (Italian Forum 2013)

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