Susana San Juan was not only the obsession of Pedro Páramo, it was also the obsession of all those who have tried to cross the closed space of her alienation and silence since Rulfo's novel "Pedro Páramo" was published in 1955. Forty years later, one of these attempts to penetrate this closed space is the novel "Y si yo fuera Susana San Juan" by Susana Pagano. However, Pagano's work goes beyond a hypertextual relationship, reaching even transfiction (Saint-Gelais).
Originele taal-2Spanish
TitelCentenaire de Juan Rulfo
RedacteurenKarim Benmiloud, Marie-Agnès Palaisi-Robert
Plaats van productieFrance
UitgeverijPresses Universitaires de Rennes
Aantal pagina's10
StatusAccepted/In press - 2021

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