What are the cost and resource implications of voluntary assisted dying and euthanasia?

Peter Hudson, David Marco, Richard De Abreu Lourenco, Jennifer Philip

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ObjectivesVoluntary assisted dying (VAD) legislation has now been passed in all Australian states. Although VAD has been operating in many settings worldwide for a considerable time, the specific costs associated with VAD seem unclear. The aim of this study was therefore to outline the common resource implications associated with VAD.MethodsA rapid literature review and grey literature search were undertaken.ResultsWe found a paucity of empirically informed detail regarding the actual costs required to implement VAD. Hence, we tabulated a list of potential costs that could be used for subsequent evaluation and a future research agenda.ConclusionsThere is a lack of publicly available information related to the costs associated with implementing VAD. Given that this is a significant change in policy and many multidisciplinary practitioners may be directly or indirectly involved in VAD it is important that associated costs are clearly outlined so that appropriate resources can be allocated.

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TijdschriftAustralian health review : a publication of the Australian Hospital Association
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StatusPublished - 6 feb 2024

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