Whitehead - The Algebra of Metaphysics

Ronald Desmet (Redacteur), Michel Weber (Redacteur)

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Drawing upon the major Harvard works --Science and the Modern
World (1925), Process and Reality (1929) and Adventures of Ideas
(1933)--, the essays gathered here seek, first, to introduce into White-
head's thought by clarifying what is at stake in his philosophy and by
providing a synoptic vision of his key categories in light of their histori-
cal development, and, second, to foster a creative dialogue among all
participants. They give us the opportunity to travel through most as-
pects of Whitehead's legacy: anthropology, ecology, education,
epistemology, metaphysics, psychology, political theory, and relativity
physics. All share the common characteristic of being
written by acknowledged Whiteheadian scholars who have kept a
youthful praxis.

Youth is not defined by years but by the creative impulse
to make something. The aged are those who, before all
things, desire not to make a mistake. Logic is the olive
branch from the old to the young, the wand which in the
hands of youth has the magic property of creating science.
(AE 119)

What authors provide here is akin to a cavalry charge in a battle --the
battle to grasp Whitehead secundum Whitehead and to put him to the
test of contemporary challenges.
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StatusPublished - 26 jul 2010

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Ronny Desmet and Michel Weber


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