Why current business modelling doesn't work for Digital Health

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ver the last 15 years, the term Business Model is increasingly discussed in scientific literature. Business Modelling frameworks are being applied to innovations and new products across different industries with the goal to help business owners and academics to understand as well as create value-capturing processes. The concept provides exceptional value for transformative and disruptive innovations. Digital Health, the convergence of digital innovation with health care, not only represents a highly innovative sector but also one with significant disruptive potential. At the same time the intricacies of the health sector such as country-specific regulations and third party payer insurance systems demand a specialized Business Modelling approach. This paper elaborates the limitations of current Business Modelling frameworks for Digital Health related applications, based on data gathered in workshops with 17 Digital Health startups. Originating from the identified limitations and insights a novel Digital Health specific Business Modelling approach is introduced.
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Titel2017 ISPIM Forum, Toronto, Canada
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StatusPublished - 20 mrt 2017
EvenementThe ISPIM Innovation Forum - Toronto, Canada
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ConferenceThe ISPIM Innovation Forum


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