Xenotransplantation of goat ovary as an alternative to analyse follicles after vitrification

Nathalie Jiatsa Donfack, Kele Amaral Alves, Benner Geraldo Alves, Rebeca Magalhães Pedrosa Rocha, Jamily Bezerra Bruno, Carlos H Lobo, Marcelo Bertolini, Regiane Rodrigues Dos Santos, Marilia de Oliveira Taumaturgo, Ramon da Silva Raposo, José Ricardo de Figueiredo, Johan Smitz, Ana Paula Ribeiro Rodrigues

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the caprine preantral follicles enclosed on vitrified/warmed ovarian cortex grafted to nude BALB/mice during 1 month. The ovarian cortex from goats was fragmented (3 × 3 × 0.5 mm) and divided into four groups: fresh control, vitrified control, fresh transplant and vitrified transplant. Follicular morphology, development and density, fibrosis as well as apoptosis, and tissue revascularization were evaluated. It was also observed a significant decrease in morphologically normal preantral (primordial, transition, primary and secondary) follicles in both vitrified control and vitrified transplant treatments when compared with both fresh control and fresh transplant. However, fresh control and fresh transplant exhibited a similar percentage of developing follicles. Additionally, Vitrified control showed a significant increase in developing follicles in comparison with both fresh control and fresh transplant. Follicular density significantly decreased in all treatments in comparison with fresh control. We observed high fibrosis in both fresh transplant and vitrified transplant. The mRNA expression of caspase 3 was lower in both fresh transplant and vitrified transplant in comparison with vitrified control. In conclusion, xenotransplantation is an excellent strategy to maintain normal preantral follicle morphology after vitrification/warming of goat ovarian tissue. Yet, in order to ensure the survival and development of these follicles, it is essential to improve the revascularization of the graft.

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TijdschriftReproduction in Domestic Animals
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Vroegere onlinedatum11 sep 2018
StatusPublished - feb 2019

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