Zylan ne chantera plus: at Théâtre Point du Jour

Maarten Stragier (Performer), Yi-Ping Yang (Performer), Loris Sikora (Performer), Benoît Rameau (Performer), Diana Soh (Componist), Yann Verburgh, Richard Brunel (Directeur), Valérie Marinese-Barboza (Performer), Youness Anzane (Dramaturg), Stephan Zimmerli (Designer)

Onderzoeksoutput: Performance


Zylan ne chantera plus is a pocket opera for tenor, cello, percussion, and electric guitar that deals with the topic of institutional oppression of LGTBQ people. Part of Opéra National de Lyon's "Opéra Itinérant" program, it was conceived to travel to new audiences in small theatres, hospitals, schools, and other venues otherwise unlikely to host opera productions.
Originele taal-2French
StatusPublished - 10 nov 2021

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