3D parametric model in Excel for structural design optimization via SCIA Engineer

  • Essam Farha ((PhD) Student)
  • Lincy Pyl (Promotor)

Scriptie/masterproef: Master's Thesis


Structural design optimization plays a crucial role in the frequently built steel structures, such as industrial halls.
The absence of integrating analysis and design tools along with optimization tools leads to a significant gap between the structural design optimisation in the literature and its practical application in the building industry. That causes spending more time in the design to achieve this integration by manual steps. On the other hand, the parametric design in this kind of structures can lead to a decent reduction in the engineering and modelling effort, but the commercial software packages have many difficulties in implementing the parametrization.
This work focuses on the development of a link between SCIA Engineer and Excel through XML. This link is capable to perform a parametric design and structural optimization of a frequently built typical industrial building with the Astra truss as a main structural unit.
The aim of the current master thesis is to developing a link able to combine three different aspects: using the power of SCIA Engineer as a common commercial software, reducing the spent engineering time on modelling by making the design parametric and implementing an external optimisation algorithm.
The link is implemented using VBA as a platform that control the entire processes. A methodology to exchange data between SCIA Engineer and Excel is developed depending on XML standards and tools.
The developed SCIA-Excel link allows the user to use a simple input table in Excel to obtain an entire 3D model.
The results show that this link can be very useful and promising if some obstacles can be overridden. The obstacles are represented in the limitations of accessing data in SCIA Engineer though XML. That has a major influence on the results and solving the problem requires collaboration with SCIA Engineer team.
Datum Prijsjun 2018
BegeleiderLincy Pyl (Promotor)

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