A multichannel multiresolution imaging system using a micolens array for depth estimation

Scriptie/Masterproef: Master's Thesis


In this thesis, a multichannel multiresolution imaging system is designed, which captures a scene with two different resolutions or magnifications on two segments of one single image sensor. Different image processing algorithms can then be used on this multiresolution image. Moreover, the system is desired to be compact and low-cost. Applications of such a system can for example be found in surveillance and computer vision. After diamonf tooling machine and all lens surfaces were characterised towards roughness and profile. Finally, a demonstrator of the total system was used to verify its multiresolution capabilities and the system was characterised by its experimantally obtained modulation transfer functions.
Besides the multiresolution concept of this system, the possibility to integrate a depth estimation functionality was investigated. Integral imaging is a technology with al lot of opportunities and was found to be a good candidate for depth estimation in a compact and low-cost imaging system. By introducing a microlens array int the system, a plenoptic system for integral imaging was obtained and its output is discussed.
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