B-tagging as a tool for charged Higgs boson identification in CMS.

Scriptie/Masterproef: Doctoral Thesis


In this thesis charged Higgs boson identification is studied for the CMS experiment at the new LHC proton accelerator at CERN. The discovery potential for a heavy charged supersymmetric Higgs boson is evaluated for final states containing three or four b jets. In this analysis b-jet tagging plays a central role in suppressing and controlling the top quark backgrounds. To be able to calibrate the b-tagging algorithms, a new data-driven method is developed to measure b-tagging efficiencies on b-enriched jet samples, selected in top quark pair events. Estimations of systematic uncertainties on the background cross section due to b-tagging uncertainties, showed no charged Higgs boson observability for the considered channels is obtained in the supersymmetric parameter space. This result is translated into the minimal required cross section for charged Higgs boson observation with three or four b-tagged jets.
Datum prijs29 nov 2006
Originele taalEnglish
BegeleiderStefaan Tavernier (Promotor), Jorgen D'Hondt (Co-promotor), Catherine De Clercq (Jury), Robert Roosen (Jury), Ben Craps (Jury) & F. Maltoni (Jury)

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