Brugada Syndrome in the Young: Clinical Aspects, Family Screening, Management, and Risk Stratification.

Scriptie/masterproef: Doctoral Thesis


The presentation of Brugada syndrome in the early years of life is rare, but can have devastating consequences. The disease in children presents with some of the clinical features similar to those of adult patients. However, it has some specificities that make it a unique entity. Children presented with symptomatic disease and electrical abnormalities are at a high risk of experiencing sudden cardiac death. In this group, an extensive diagnostic approach including ajmaline test and invasive electrophysiological study evaluation is mandatory. This work presents a comprehensive approach to this disease and introduces a novel clinical stratification score can help guide the clinician to make evidence based management and therapeutic decisions.
Datum Prijs22 jun 2017
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  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel
BegeleiderPedro Brugada (Promotor), Carlo De Asmundis (Co-promotor), Andrea Sarkozy (Co-promotor), Bernard Cosyns (Jury), Steven Droogmans (Jury), Jan Poelaert (Jury), Ives Hubloue (Jury), Nico Blom (Jury), Thierry Sluysmans (Jury) & Johan Saenen (Jury)

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