Chiral Metamaterial and Its Application in Casimir Force

  • Rongkuo Zhao ((PhD) Student)
  • Costas Soukoulis (Promotor)
  • Thomas Koschny (Co-promotor)
  • Philippe Tassin (Advisor)

Scriptie/Masterproef: Doctoral Thesis


Metamaterials are man-made materials whose atoms are man-made small electromagnetic resonant elements. If the structures lack some mirror symmetry, there will be a coupling between electric field and magnetic field. It gives that magnetic moment/electric dipole can be driven by the electric/magnetic field. If the induced magnetic moment and/or electric dipole are at the same direction as the incidence, this metamaterial is categorized as chiral metamaterials. Chiral metamaterial attracts a lot of interest recently because of its strong chirality and even realization of the negative refractive index.
In this thesis, we mainly study the following issues:
1) A simple and robust method to retrieve the effective constitutive parameters for chiral metamaterials is urgently studied. Based on the transfer matrix technique, the parameter retrieval is extended to treat samples with not only the substrate but also the top layers. It's found that the substrate may cause the homogeneous slab to be inhomogeneous, i.e. the reflections in forward and backward directions are different.
2) Two new chiral metamaterials are designed and studied experimentally (collaborating with others) and theoretically at different frequency ranges. One is four "U" split ring resonators design constructed by double-layered four U-shaped split ring resonators mutually twisted by 90 degrees. Another is conjugated swastika design which is constructed by double-layered swastika-shaped resonators arranged conjugatedly. These two designs are designed and studied for the first time and they all have better performance than the designs in the past, e.g., larger chirality and smaller microscale of the unit cell. Both of the designs realize the effective negative refractive index at GHz frequencies.
Datum prijs26 sep 2010
Originele taalEnglish
BegeleiderPhilippe Tassin (Advisor), Costas Soukoulis (Promotor) & Thomas Koschny (Co-promotor)

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