Control and Modeling of IPT Systems Based on Emerging Switching Technologies for Vehicular Applications

Scriptie/masterproef: Master's Thesis


Electric vehicles have been gaining more and more in popularity during the past few years. Therefore, a lot of research is oriented towards this relatively new technology and the development of wireless power charging is one of the branches that attracts a lot of attention since it reduces the safety concerns related to plug in electric cars, as for instance the charging in adverse conditions.
One of the major challenges of this technology is the transmission of high power at the highest possible efficiency. Consequently, power converters, and more specifically the losses associated to them, play an important part in the efficiency considerations.
At first, this study focuses on the analytical description of the losses occurring in MOSFETs and giving means to estimate them with a relatively good accuracy. Subsequently, a Simulink model was made in order to estimate these losses for different operating conditions, such as those allowing resonance. Finally, since new power semiconductor technologies are becoming more available, the Silicon Carbide MOSFET was introduced.
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