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This thesis titled “Design Aspects of Multifunction Converter for Electric Drivetrains: Thermal and Design Architecture” is submitted by Arthur Van Melckebeke in order to be awarded the degree of Master of Science in Electromechanical Engineering, for the academic period 2017-2018.
With the continuously increasing interest in renewable energy sources, Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and Electric Vehicles (EV) are steadily replacing the conventional ways of transportation. A transition, lowering the environmental footprint and moving our fuel economy away from traditional combustion engines.
The aim of this thesis is the design and hardware prototyping of a Multifunctional Converter with focus on thermal performances, while still assuring a high power density and a low weight. The systems efficiency and reliability is in a great way influenced by the thermal design.
Multifunctional converters (MFC) prove to be of great value when designing electric drivetrains, making EVs more competitive due to the accomplishment of a lightweight, low-cost and reliable converter with a high power density, made possible by the sharing of components. The proposed MFC in this thesis has three functionalities. The first mode is operation as a Multiport Converter, the second mode is the Multi-inverter for multi actuator systems and the third and final mode is the Back-to-back converter. These functionalities are presented in the figure below.
Two operational prototypes of the MFC were constructed. And thermal performances of different designs of heatsinks were evaluated. The first mode of the MFC, this is the operational function as Multiport converter, was experimentally verified on the prototype.
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