Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Angular Magnification Systems for Beam Steering Applications

Scriptie/masterproef: Master's Thesis


Beam steering system with dynamic direction manipulation bundles of light is a vital functionality for wide range of photonic applications such as laser scanners, cameras, illumination systems and displays. Conventional approaches to reach this functionality are mainly based on mechanical motion of mirrors or lens arrays. Such mechanical approaches, however, are often bulky, costly, and with limited flexibility. Alternative non-mechanical methods for beam deflection have been paid more and more attention on, such as approaches based on liquid crystal (LC) materials, Electro-optical crystal, and Thermal-optical effect, etc. However, normally steering range is limited in most of the non-mechanical steering systems. In this work, we present both microscopic and macroscopic Angular Magnification System (AMS) designs to tackle this problem, and successfully reach angular magnification up to 6~9 times. Ray tracing simulation software was applied to implement system design and optimization. Both optimized systems of these two scales have different domains of applications. One microscopic system based on micro lens array (MLA) architecture was selected and fabricated by diamond tooling technology, for its potential in miniaturized applications and being compatible with developed LC-based beam steering system in our project. Challenges in both simulation and diamond tooling machining were discussed as well. Experiment was also conducted to verify the feasibility of theoretical modeling systems and the results show that maximum deflection range canbe achieved almost up to 40°. A MLA-based angular magnification system is presentedand fabricated with 4 aspheric surfaces for applications of wide-angle beam steering.
Datum Prijs2015
BegeleiderTigran Baghdasaryan (Promotor)

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