Design of an Adaptive Model Predictive Field Oriented Control for a Six-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

  • Marco Ferreri ((PhD) Student)
  • Dai-Duong Tran (Advisor)
  • Pierpaolo Dini (Advisor)
  • Sergio Saponara (Co-promotor)
  • Omar Hegazy (Promotor)

Scriptie/Masterproef: Master's Thesis


Among the various types of e-motors the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) is widely used in automotive and industry due to its high efficiency and dynamic performance. For their reliability, Six phases (Instead of classical three phase ones) PMSMs are becoming more and more important in automotive technology. These kind of motors can be controlled with some modified version of the three phase Field Oriented Control (FOC). It is also possible to run only some of the six phases of the motors this lead us to the possibility of to implement some fault tolerant strategies. In this work, one of those modified version of the FOC algorithm was been used for to control a six phase motor. In addiction the two PI current controllers inside the algorithm has been substituted with an adaptive model predictive controller for improve efficiency, robustness and for provide hard constraints on voltage and current values instead of classical saturations with anti-
windup technic, therefore improving reliability. The model and the control algorithm will be validated by means of on target rapid prototyping approach using a dSPACE platform. Which allows us to do real time simulations and hardware in the loop tests. The topics of electrical drives and Model Predictive control allows the possibility of to work on a specific problem without compromise the generality.
Datum prijs30 aug 2022
Originele taalEnglish
BegeleiderOmar Hegazy (Promotor) & Sergio Saponara (Promotor)

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