Direct laser writing of waveguide bragg gratings for bio-sensing applications

Scriptie/Masterproef: Master's Thesis


We have numerically and experimentally studied waveguide Bragg gratings written in
polymers with two-photon polymerization technique. We numerically investigated guiding
properties of polymer waveguides and reflective properties of Bragg gratings using finite
difference element method. Next, we have optimized the Bragg grating parameters, such as
length, duty cycle and depth to achieve strong and efficient waveguide gratings. Finally, we
numerically studied phase-shifted waveguide gratings estimating bulk refractive index
sensitivity of the devices for bio-sensing applications. Proof-of-concept devices were
fabricated in IP-DIP photoresist using Nanoscribe 3D-printing machine.
Datum prijs2020
Originele taalEnglish

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