Dying well with dementia in nursing homes in Flanders, Belgium

Scriptie/masterproef: Doctoral Thesis


Dementia is one of the biggest global public health challenges facing our generation. There are currently 36 million people living with dementia in the world and this is predicted to almost double every 20 years. A "tsunami" of dementia is predicted worldwide, with 66 million in 2030 to 115 million in 2050. Considering the growing prevalence of dementia, end-of-life care for people with dementia has also become a major public health concern. Dying has become more institutionalized and nursing homes play an increasing role in caring for frail older people, such as people with dementia, at the end of life. While we are aware of this increase in people with dementia in nursing homes, we lack reliable data on how many nursing home residents with dementia are currently dying, what care they received and what the quality of the dying process is.
Datum Prijs24 mrt 2014
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  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel
BegeleiderLuc Deliens (Promotor), Lieve Van den Block (Co-promotor), Dirk Devroey (Jury), Joachim Cohen (Jury), Reginald Deschepper (Jury), Chantal Van Audenhove (Jury) & A. Van Der Heide (Jury)

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