Een Congolese democratie op papier. Een casestudy omtrent de relatie tussen media en staat in de Democratische Republiek Congo

Scriptie/Masterproef: Master's Thesis


This dissertation attempts to make a description of the relationship between the government and the
media - embodied in the written quality press - in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Using the
interpretative method of content analysis and discourse theory, we have engaged in the
reconstruction of the Congolese identity as it is embedded in the media coverage of two episodes of
a recent climax in the spiral of violence in the province of North Kivu by the Congolese broadsheet
Le Potentiel. This investigated relation appears to be more complex than anticipated and does not
easily fit any of the classical normative models.
Datum prijs30 jun 2010
Originele taalDutch
BegeleiderSteve Paulussen (Promotor)

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