Een 'open klasklimaat' als conditie tot effectieve burgerschapseducatie. Een kwalitatieve studie vanuit het perspectief van leerkrachten in de derde graad basisonderwijs in Vlaanderen anno 2021.

Vertaalde titel van de scriptie/masterproef: An 'open classroom climate' as a condition for effective civic education. A qualitative study from the perspective of third-grade primary school teachers in Flanders anno 2021.

Scriptie/Masterproef: Master's Thesis


An 'open classroom climate' is positively associated in the literature with a number of civic development outcomes and is also the posted researched form of citizenship education. In addition, there is a consensus among researchers on the importance of teachers in forming an 'open classroom climate'. However, in recent studies, an 'open classroom climate' is mainly measured through individual students' perceptions. While this approach is certainly valuable, it has led to a research gap concerning teachers' practices. In order to fill this gap, this master's thesis aims to investigate how teacher competences can contribute to creating an open classroom climate in the third-grade of primary education. The aim is also to identify teacher competences that create an 'open classroom climate' and thus increase the effectiveness of civic education. A qualitative research design was chosen in which semi-structured interviews were conducted with six practitioners and eighteen teachers. This data was then processed through the MAXQDA analysis programme using thematic analysis. This was supplemented by structured, non-participatory classroom observations of three different teachers through video recordings and an observation schedule. In the light of the research findings, the identified teacher competences can be divided in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes. How these competences contribute to creating an 'open classroom climate' is illustrated through practical examples from the interviews and classroom observations. Analysis of the data shows that thirteen teachers effectively consider their class to be a democratic class. What is notable here is that the arguments cited in support of that statement relate only to giving students a say in practical and organisational matters. Finally, teachers and practitioners are mainly positive about an open classroom climate in primary education and it is associated positively with civic education.
Datum prijs2021
Originele taalEnglish


  • burgerschapseducatie
  • open klasklimaat
  • leerkrachten
  • basisonderwijs

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