MRI Measures in the Assessment of Cognitive Function in MS.

Scriptie/masterproef: Doctoral Thesis


Multiple Sclerosis is the most commonly appearing neurodegenerative disease in young adults. It is characterized by inflammation of the central nervous system, neurodegenerative effects and demyelination. MS is characterized by a diverse set of symptoms, both physical and cognitive.
Cognitive impairment has a prevalence ranging from 43% to 70% and reduces independence, safety and has an important impact on quality of life.
Biomarkers are needed as a way to monitor cognitive impairment in MS, but they are scarce.
In this thesis we investigate three different aspects of MRI to aid in the assessment of cognitive function and hence, in the possible development of biomarkers.
Datum Prijs24 sep 2018
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  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel
BegeleiderGuy Nagels (Promotor), Marie-Beatrice D'hooghe (Co-promotor), Jeroen Van Schependom (Co-promotor), Iris-Katharina Penner (Jury), Sebastiaan Engelborghs (Jury), Jan Versypt (Jury), Bart Jansen (Jury) & Ilse Smolders (Jury)

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