Scriptie/Masterproef: Master's Thesis


Optical biosensors are widely used in different applications such as health screening, pharmacology, food safety and environmental monitoring. In the health sector, the use of compact lab-on-a-chip devices for early detection of diseases and point of care applications is gaining more attention. One of the most common techniques is fluorescence-based biosensing which uses different biomarkers enabling quantitative analyses of biological changes taking place
inside the cells. To be able to detect and characterise specific phenomena such as cell death or membrane damage, different fluorophores are used. In this work, the spectral characterization of one and two photon fluorescence of Hoechst 33342 dye was achieved. A setup based on plasmon enhanced total internal reflection fluorescence was set, surface plasmon resonance was detected
but the setup still needs further improvements. This work represents a first step at establishing research on plasmon enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy in B-PHOT aiming at developing a compact system that can utilize nonlinear effects like two photon fluorescence for investigating intercellular phenomena. This goal follows the interest on creating on-chip ultrafast femtosecond pulsed lasers which can remove the need for the expensive and bulky Ti:Sapphire laser used in
this work.
Datum prijs2022
Originele taalEnglish
BegeleiderAlejandro Madrid Sanchez (Advisor)

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