Smart Green Solution with Modular Power Electronics Interfaces and IoT for Stationary Applications

Scriptie/Masterproef: Master's Thesis


In the context of the European Green Deal it is expected that the energy sector will transition towards more decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation. New power systems have been proposed to support this transition among which nanogrids. These are local power systems cou- pling local sources and loads typically at the level of a building or house. These power systems can be combined with an energy management system in order to optimize the usage of local renewable sources. Together they are called the smart green solution.
In this thesis, a nanogrid that couples AC- and DC- sources and loads will be developed together with an energy management system. The nanogrid has to be modular by enabling an easy up- scale or downscale, i.e sources and loads can be (dis)connected seamlessly to it. Furthermore, the energy management system has to increase the usage of locally generated renewable energy and decrease the use of the AC grid. This should be done by controlling the (dis)charging strategy of an electric vehicle, in what is called Vehicle-to-Everything.
To do so, power electronics interfaces are developed by taking into account the technical require- ments of the different stationary applications. Their topology and control is designed and tested at nominal conditions. Then, the energy management system is developed and compared to a base case scenario in order to demonstrate its usefulness.
The results demonstrate firstly that the power electronics interfaces perform accordingly at nom- inal condition. The energy management system was able to increase the use of local energy and decrease the use of the AC grid. When combined to form the smart green solution, it demon- strates that the system performs as expected. However, notable issues were raised concerning the control of the EV charger and the design of the LCL-filter.
Datum prijsaug 2021
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