Structural Safe Design in Tensioned Surface Structures
: - Reliability Analysis on a Cable Net -

Scriptie/Masterproef: Master's Thesis


Since recent years, the design of lightweight structures is a growing business that has never been more contemporary and necessary than today from an ecological perspective. However, the design of tensioned surface structures still needs to be developed in order to harmonise the approach to be included in the Eurocodes. The analysis has not yet been elaborated in the semi-probabilistic approach like applied in the Eurocodes for conventional buildings.
The influence of partial factors for the pretension on the axial forces for an Ultimate Limit State verification is evaluated. A probabilistic calculation using Latin Hypercube Sampling allows to take into account uncertainties associated with the pre-tensioned state of a cable net, the roof of the auditorium Paul-Emile Janson. A reliability analysis quantifies the influence of partial factors on the axial forces.
A higher reliability index is obtained with a partial factor of 1.00 instead of 1.35 on the pretension system. The index is greatly dependent on the approximations and assumptions made in the model and should refer to the given context.
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