The impact of ovarian response on cumulative live birth rates.

Scriptie/masterproef: Doctoral Thesis


- In the era of antagonist protocol combined with the possibility of “freeze all” strategy, cumulative LBR steadily increase with the number of oocytes retrieved, reaching even 70% when ≥25 oocytes are harvested. - LBR in the fresh IVF/ICSI cycles do not differ significantly when comparing either high (>15 oocytes) versus normal (10-15 oocytes), or normal (10-15) versus suboptimal (4-9 oocytes) responders - The drop in fresh live birth rates in high responders could be attributed to the progressive increase in “freeze all” rates due to risk of OHSS - Suboptimal responders (4-9 oocytes retrieved) appear to form a distinct ovarian response category - Corifollitropin alfa followed by hp-HMG does not increase ongoing pregnancy rates, LBR and cumulative LBR rates compared with rFSH in young Bologna poor responders. - An increase in the gonadotropins’ dose in a subsequent IVF cycle may overcome the suboptimal response challenge
Datum Prijs26 jun 0201
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  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel
BegeleiderNikolaos P. Polyzos (Promotor), Christophe Blockeel (Promotor), Herman Tournaye (Promotor), Ileana Mateizel (Jury), David Unuane (Jury), Claudia Spits (Jury), Anja Pinborg (Jury), Sesh Kamal Sunkara (Jury) & Diane De Neubourg (Jury)

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