Towards a health promoting hospital in rural South Africa: Evidence-based framework for a sustainable public health intervention

Scriptie/Masterproef: Doctoral Thesis


In the last decades, health promotion and disease prevention have gained increased attention in health systems worldwide in a bid to reverse the tide of rising health care costs in a context of demographic and epidemiological changes. In South Africa, health education and promotion play an important role in view of the massive HIV/AIDS epidemic, which has a profound impact on the public health sector already weakened by a severe human resources crisis.
The research informing this thesis was conducted in partnership with the University of Limpopo and involved assessment of job satisfaction and intent to turnover of Primary Health Care (PHC) nurses in a poor and rural area, as well as the HIV/AIDS knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of PHC and hospital nurses.
Results stressed the importance of human resource management in health worker retention and indicated a need for accelerated HIV/AIDS training and improved infection control. A community household survey indicated fear of
stigma and discrimination related to HIV testing, associated with low uptake of HIV/AIDS services.
Results pointed to the need for appropriate health promotion and education, especially with regard to HIV/AIDS, taking into account the broad social determinants of health seeking behaviour.
The evidence base was translated in the proposal to transform a local district hospital into a Health Promoting Hospital (HPH), guided by a model for the systematic planning and evaluation of health promotion and education programs.
The project was selected as a case study to illustrate the use of evidence for informing a comprehensive health
promotion intervention by the WHO/IUHPE Global Programme on Health Promotion Effectiveness.
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BegeleiderAnne-Marie Depoorter (Promotor), T. Mets (Co-promotor), Ch. Van Schravendijk (Jury), Johan Bilsen (Jury), Carel Ijsselmuiden (Jury), Herman Meulemans (Jury), Marc Van Sprundel (Jury) & Roland Pepermans (Jury)

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