Tussen emancipatie en assimilatie?: een sociale studie van de joodse minderheid te Brussel, 1750 - 1830.

Scriptie/Masterproef: Master's Thesis


The first part of this master thesis consists of an analysis of the restraints (and the underlying moral presumptions thereof) put on the settlement of Jews in the second half of the 18th and the early 19th centuries; the main focus being the Southern Netherlands in general and Brussels in particular.
The second part is a prosopographic study of the Jewish population in Brussels between 1750 and 1830, which focusses on the origin, demographic evolution, residential and household patterns, and the professional stratification of this minority group (as opposed to the majority population).
The final chapter deals with the Jewish 'institutions' in Brussels: the Synagogue, school and poor relief system.
Datum prijs16 sep 2005
Originele taalDutch
BegeleiderHugo Soly (Promotor)


  • Joden
  • Joodse gemeenschap
  • Brussel
  • Zuidelijke Nederlanden
  • prosopografische studie
  • emancipatie

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